International Business School were invited to the reception.


On the evening of October 11, the Consulate General of Nigeria in Guangzhou held the 59th anniversary National Day reception at Guangzhou Soluxe Hotel hotel. The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr. Shakirudeen Adewale Oloko、the deputy secretary general of Guangdong provincial people's government Mr He Jianjun, the deputy secretary general of guangzhou municipal people's government Mr. Gao Yuyue, as well as other government officials and outstanding business representatives and friends from Nigeria, Congo, China etc., also attended the reception. The representative of One Belt and One Road African Research Union, deputy dean of International Business School of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics (GDUFE) Ms. Wang Yuhui, and Dr. Yang Xi were also invited to attend the reception.

The One Belt and One Road African Research Union was founded on 28 November 2018, which is a joint organization of professionals and units concerned with African studies worldwide. It has established an interdisciplinary and cross-border platform to share resources, explore knowledge, disseminate technology, promote understanding and provide applications. The Union has 34 members, including 16 African countries, 16 Chinese countries and 2 European countries. In the next 3-5 years, full coverage of research institutes in African countries will be achieved. The International Business School of GDUFE is the vice chairman unit of the research union.. The dean of International Business School of GDUFE, Professor Huang Qingan is the vice President of the research union.

China is the most populous country in the world. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nigeria on February 10, 1971, the fruitful achievements have been gained in the friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Nigeria. With the deepening of comprehensive strategic cooperation between China and Nigeria, the bilateral relations are facing important opportunities for all-round and rapid development. The cooperation between the Eastern Dragon and the African eagle enjoys broad prospects.

The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr. Shakirudeen Adewale Oloko said in his speech that the One Belt And One Road initiative has an important impact on the international cooperation between China and Nigeria, and the Consul General of Nigeria in Guangzhou will continue to promote the mutual beneficial cooperation with Guangdong in various fields.

During the event, Ms. Wang Yuhui exchanged views on the status and the education of International Business School of GDUFE and the development planning of One Belt and One Road International Business Research Center of GDUFE, with Consul General of Nigeria Mr. Shakirudeen Adewale Oloko, and other relevant government officers and business representatives, hoping to promote the international exchanges and cooperation through mutual communication and cooperation.

Text/Yang Xi

Photography/Yang Xi

Editor/Lin Xiaoping

First Inspection/Zhao Minyun

Review/Ma Xiaomei

Final Appeal/Wang Yuhui